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For Men

For Men

Men gain valuable answers on each shopping trip with Suzanne, one of the most common questions being what to wear for casual workdays. $110hr + gst.


My name is Steve. I have spent over 20 years in the military. Every day I went to work, I wore a uniform. In the morning, it was easy to decide on what to wear for the day, as I never really had a choice. Suits, Smart Casual, weekend wear, Ties, Cufflinks, and the right colour clothes to wear never entered my thoughts. Life was pretty simple, really.

Recently, I made the decision to venture out into the commercial world and for the first time I was confronted with the reality that I would have to wear the appropriate type of clothes for the job that I would be doing. I would need to match my ties to my specific coloured shirts and I would need to know what type of shirt to wear on what occasion. To be honest, I was quite worried about this, and I suspect there are lots of guys out there who also wonder whether they look good, or appropriate, in the clothes they wear.

For my birthday, my wife shouted me a makeover with Suzanne from Reveal Image Consultancy.

Suzanne offers a really worthwhile opportunity for both men and women to better understand the intricacies of mixing and matching, what colour best suits a person, what shirts, ties, and shoes go with what, and when best to wear them. Suzanne specialises in Makeover Packages and Public Presentations. She knows her stuff.

To start with, she arrived on time and we all had a quick chat about what we wanted to achieve for the day. She took me through the steps of determining the best colours that suit me and then she went through my wardrobe. I was pleasantly surprised that most of my things were actually pretty good, but because she had spent time convincing me of my correct colour palette, getting rid of some of my ‘wrong’ clothes was really easy.

Once we had completed the colour assessment, and wardrobe purging exercise, we went shopping. As a bloke, I do not really “do” clothes shopping, but I can honestly say we had a great afternoon. Suzanne quickly picked up that I do not like mucking around when I shop; it’s in and out, for me. She was great. We went into Wellington and she knew exactly where to go and what I liked. Everything she picked out, I agreed with. She matched styles to my liking, colours to my palette, and only picked out the most contemporary clothes for a range of occasions including; Business Shirts, Ties, and Cufflinks for high powered meetings or interviews, casual jackets for less formal functions, and smart jeans and T-Shirts for weekend relaxing. My confidence has been given a real lift. My wife is over the moon with my new wardrobe and I feel great with what I have achieved.

Suzanne is awesome. She is really professional and knows how to put you at ease. I had a really enjoyable day with her. Her attention to detail, and knowledge of her profession is outstanding.

I am really pleased that I took up the offer of this makeover. I strongly recommend it and I highly recommend Suzanne as the consummate professional, lovely lady, and great makeover consultant.

Thanks Suzanne.

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