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Makeover Packages

*Colour Analysis, Makeup and personal colour swatch to keep
*Personalised Stylefile completed to guide you on clothing styles to choose for your bodyshape and personality
*Wardrobe Edit
*Shopping trip to select pieces that complete your new wardrobe
$1100 + gst

Grand Makeover Video

Colour Analysis

The first step in your makeover, this will give you the confidence to wear colours that make you shine.  Watching the process is really interesting as you watch colours that drain or age you replaced by colours that give you sparkle.  Did you know that you are naturally attracted to the colours that harmonise with you?
Bring your makeup for Suzanne to check and try the colours and techniques that not only work for your colouring but for your personality, even if you have never worn makeup before.
Take home your own swatch of colours and know what colour combinations and textures to look for. This swatch can be continuously altered and updated as your colouring changes over the years.
$220 + gst

Makeup Update

Spend an uninterrupted hour trying on the colours and products that are personalised for your colouring and personality.
Catered to all levels from Beginner to Professionals looking for the latest trends.
  • Day Makeup Lesson | $60
  • Wedding Makeup – For the Bride (including trial) | $95
  • Special Occasion Makeup | $55

Wardrobe Audit

Suzanne will edit your wardrobe to remove anything that does not bring out your best. Learn ways of altering or combining your clothes for maximum wear and enjoyment. Learn style suggestions to flatter your figure and personality.  Sometimes a couple of new items can bring new life and options to your existing pieces.
$110 hr + gst


Shop successfully so that orphans no longer appear in your wardrobe.
Suzanne will pick out the colours and styles that work for you and teach strategies to combine these into stunning outfits.

For Men

Men gain valuable answers on each shopping trip with Suzanne, one of the most common questions being what to wear for casual workdays. $110hr + gst.

Teenage Glo Ups

Glo Up: To add confidence, swagg and demeanor to a height where they cannot be changed by negativity.
Suzanne can be booked to hold one on one or group sessions with Teenagers.
Suzanne has tutors who run the NZQA registered Unit Standard 64 in High schools in Auckland and Wellington.
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