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This morning my client pulled out a few winter wardrobe items that she thought might need to be binned. Are your woollies looking a bit daggy? I’ve been using this product lately and found a few pieces of knitwear are now ‘work’ ready again. They had got themselves to ‘pyjama’ category before I used this on them. Give it a try and tell me what you think. I got this one from Max for $19. See MoreSee Less

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Look who’s over from New York! I had the pleasure this week of meeting a blogger I follow – Gala Darling. She originally started out writing and about style and fashion but has made the progression over the years to include more personal life learnings which include the use of ‘tapping’ to overcome her eating disorder and depression and last year had her book published by Hay House on Radical self love.
I love reading and listening about the topics she covers but seeing a NZ girl living her dream life and so full of adventure just makes me want to be her bestie!!
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Thanks Nicolette for being my last shopping appointment for 2017, I have gone out on a high. You were so enthusiastic and excited with your new purchase and your new makeup – I could feel the love with multiple hugging sessions!
We purchased a new suit which looked stunning. As with most off the rack clothes, we couldn’t get a perfect fit with the jacket – this is really common. Think about it, how can one item of clothing fit all the different body shapes out there perfectly? (Thats one of the reasons I started taking our Fashion Tours to Vietnam and getting clothes made.)
So we took the jacket down to my favourite Wellington Tailor – Sue who is also kind enough to give clients of Fashion Academy a 20% discount (suesrepairs.co.nz/)
I took my last male client here for his jacket and a casual shirt to get fitted perfectly too – he would have just kept traipsing the shops hoping to find the perfect jacket.
Think about this next time you are looking at a dress or jacket – getting someone to fit it perfectly to your body makes it look like it was made for you.
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